Rinjani Mount Trekking for Beginners Facts and Guidance

Managing Rinjani Mount trekking for beginnersisn’t difficult or complicated but you want to do a thorough research. When you are doing everything in details, you can get the best deals for the price, the service coverage, and many other perks. If you are adventurous enough and you don’t mind spending times outdoor (which means that you will be sweating most of the times and probably get sore here and there), going to Rinjani will be the best option. Whether you are an advanced or a beginner trekker, you will need to make a detailed plan carefully.

The Preparation

Getting to the top of Rinjani isn’t difficult. Being the second highest mountain in Indonesia, Rinjani has become a popular tourist attraction with several service providers offering various packages. If you are looking for the professional and skilled services, there are some of them. But you will also be aware of the unprofessional services that are more interested in your money. Once you are able to access those professional services, you can be sure that you are in the right hand – and you can proceed with a more careful planning.


Getting to Rinjani

From your home, you can go to Lombok – which is basically accessible through sea, land, and air. From there, you can decide whether you want to go to Senaru or Sembalun Lawang. Those two are the starting points for the trekking. Your starting point depends on your budgets, how long you want to spend for the trip, and such things alike. If you are new to this, the most common tip of Rinjani Mount trekking for beginnersis to hire a service (which means that you will need to hire a guide).


Keep in mind that the general cost for the trip ranges from $1,400 to $2,500 – depending on the types of package you choose or whether you pick the exclusive package or not. One thing to remember in Rinjani Mount trekking for beginnersis that you need to consult a pro to be safe.


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